Vulvo-vaginal diseases are often incorrectly or inadequately diagnosed and treated and many women suffer for decades with a Vulvo-vaginal disease that could easily have been treated if they had initially been correctly diagnosed. The vulva has been called ‘the forgotten pelvic organ’ so it is best to consult the expertise of a doctor who specialises in this area.

Many women who suffer from symptoms such as anogenital itching and burning, irritation, rawness and pain during sex are misdiagnosed as having a yeast infection. However, there are dozens of diseases that cause similar itching and burning. Dr Dehaeck specialises in all Vulvo-vaginal diseases and conditions and she encourages women to get diagnosed correctly and treated properly.

She treats vulvo-vaginal diseases such as: Lichen Sclerosus (LS); Vulval Intraepithelial Neoplasia (VIN); vulval cancer; vulval and vaginal itching, burning and pain; Vulvodynia; vulval and vaginal Candida (Chronic Candidiasis); vulvo-vaginal rash, redness and ulcers; genital Herpes; extra-mammary Paget’s Disease, vulval and vaginal atrophy; vulvo-vaginal lumps; vulval and vaginal discharge; and vulvo-vaginal Lichen Planus.